The Verdict on the Fifty Shades of Grey Audio Book

Fifty Shades of Grey Audiobook has succeeded overwhelmingly particularly in America. The exciting tale of intrigue and romance has sparked passion in almost everyone and this has happened for a good reason. The tale is devilishly fun and exciting. The second installment of the trilogy begins as soon as Anastacia, the hapless protagonist runs from Christian Grey, a powerful CEO who runs a fortune 500 firm.

The questions that need answers however are: Does Anastacia love Christian? Does Christian love Anastacia? Can she make sacrifices especially when it comes to the bits of her he is interested in. And if indeed she is ready to make the sacrifices, would it be worth it? They both explore the depths and the intricacies of the relationship they have with together. This comes out clearly and the depths and sacrifices they are willing to make for each other is narrated in the whirlwind sequel, Fifty Shades of Grey. However, even at the end of the narration, questions still abound. For instance, is the romantic affair destined to last? Is it another college-age romantic story that will come to an end after some time?

E.L. James, the author made a surprising breakthrough in the world of writing. Initially a fan-fiction writer, she published Twilight, a fan-fiction using her pen name – Snowqueens Icedragon which became very popular with the masses. After this successful piece, she sat down and rewrote it as a masterpiece. The outcome was simply amazing.

Fifty Shades of Grey will take you on a truly exciting journey. This is why it is highly recommended to the avid readers. The novel is popularly consumed in the digital format. The audiobook in particular is the most popular format. The characters used to build the story are fluid and the journey through the tale is simply unforgettable. Consequently, you will certainly enjoy the inner goodness as you consume the well written story.